Has Billy Davies dug his own grave?

March 23, 2014 2 Comments »

After Saturday’s 5-0 thrashing by Derby County, Nottingham Forest manager Billy Davies’ job is under threat. Will Ward believes he’s lost the players, the fans and, more crucially, himself

“When I first became manager of Motherwell I told the press that I wanted to concentrate on managing the club and that I’d only speak to them at a press conference on Thursday afternoons.

“But it was the biggest mistake of my life. I was only 35, it was my first job in management and they were all saying “Who does this young guy think he is?”

“I got a lot of people’s back up for trying to control the press but I soon realised that you can’t control them. Now I just have an open door policy where I answer questions at any time and I’m a lot more flexible in speaking to reporters.”

Those words came from the mouth of a young Billy Davies, when he was Preston North End manager in 2007. Fast-forward seven years, with one promotion to the Premier League under his belt, and the same man has lost all perspective.

A drubbing at the hands of bitter rivals Derby County is one thing. Blanking 2,700 loyal, hurting supporters is another thing. Turning your back on thousands more by taking the decision not to partake in an interview when the club is crying out for a leader to show some front and bottle, is frankly unforgivable.

The messy, disorganised display we all had to tragically witness included players out of position and bickering. We were watching individuals crumble before our eyes, in the same way Billy Davies has been voluntarily doing so for months.

As every week passes, the full face of the fiery Scot gets unveiled. The reason Nigel Doughty binned him, has become obvious to all. The more you give Billy to play with, the more his comfortable front-crawl becomes a desperate doggy-paddle, and the more out of his depth he becomes.

The embarrassment of still having the man employed at our club is overriding any feeling of derby day humiliation. It’s a result that will be talked about for years – by both sets of supporters.

It was the day everyone connected to Nottingham Forest, to a man, realised exactly what Billy Davies is. The uninspired players. The apologetic owner. Pockets of the away contingent joined in with the thousands of jubilant Derby County supporters as they gleefully chanted “You’re getting sacked in the morning.”

Others turned to each other in utter shock. “He’s not thrown this, has he? Surely he couldn’t?”

We thought Billy would have something up his sleeve for this one. Everyone thinks he’s limited, but now everyone knows his armoury is severely lacking.

The deep, retreating tactics invited Derby’s dominant midfield to get on top of us. Their midfield was good. Ours could’ve been better, with a fearlessly positive approach born from belief and motivation. A siege mentality has been visible throughout the campaign and Saturday afternoon was no different.

The bizarre, dinosaur-day tactic of keeping all 11 men back for a defending corner was comically mocked by a shrewd Steve McClaren. Forest corner won. Forest corner cleared. A Derby County goal, within seconds with a swiftly impressive counter-attack.

He could only sit and observe. With his hand masking his mouth whilst he chatted to his coaching staff, filled with an unhealthy amount of paranoid self-importance. Nobody cares what you’re saying. The only way that will change, is if you’re saying it with a mic shoved in your face, justifying the trash you subjected us to.

As Davies was sitting cluelessly, the Forest faithful were aggressively chanting “We’re Nottingham Forest, it is what it is.” As our rivals smiled appreciatively in our direction, the emphasis and wider interpretation of the chant becomes evident in the execution.

The innocent will not be harmed. Forest fans are innocent, and I feel well and truly harmed. You’re hard-pushed to find someone connected to the club who’s not intent on hiding, apart from Fawaz Al-Hasawi. A man with class, constantly with his head held high – mirrored by his fellow supporters.

For years the City Ground goers have been divided, up until this point. For months, we’ve all wanted the Scot to improve. To adapt. To prove himself. For the sake of stability.

He is the most unstable man in world football, and now everyone is against him. He’s lost what it means to be a manager, and more importantly, he’s lost what it means to be Nottingham Forest.

Billy Davies is writing the script to his football managerial funeral. I, for one, do not want to attend.

  • South Coast Red

    Totally disagree.
    Fergie would’ve won no silverware without Keane, Scholes & Butt in midfield and his back 4 of Bruce, Pallister, Neville and Irwin.
    We have 7 first teamers out – our midfield of Lansbury, Vaughan, Reid and back 4, Hobbs, Wilson, Cohen and Lichaj.
    This turns us from a team who could in my view be potentially top of the table to one that is mediocre. Greening and Moussi are not up to it by along way, this is not Billy’s fault.
    Yes, losing 5 nil to our bitter rivals is a nightmare but sacking Davies and replacing him with Warnock isn’t gonna make things get any better. It will in fact make things a considerably worse nightmare and could spark another 18 month downward spiral of instability eg. the Mclaren, Cotterill, O’Driscoll, Mcleish saga.
    We need stability and unity not knee jerk decisions.
    Davies is a passionate man and like the rest of us he’s hurting at the team’s demise at the moment but he’s built a great team that can get us out this league. We were top of the league with our first 11 and then we lost Wilson, this had an effect, then we lost Cohen and this had an effect also but we managed to stabilise and then build again and a couple of months ago we were flying and playing some great football. Outclassing QPR, West Ham, putting 4 past Watford and Blackburn etc. A great team can miss one or two maybe three first teamers but not 7.
    Barca without Messi, Javi and Iniesta and it’s back 4 isn’t gonna win the league or compete as well as it should with them playing and that’s the nightmare situation we are in. We have to just calm down and stick together. If we do this then will still have a chance. We have some good fixtures coming up but if we press the self-destruct button and hire Warnock it would be a disaster. You can kiss goodbye seeing decent football and going up even with a few of the first team coming back from injury until he gets sacked.

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