Nottingham Forest sites actually worth reading…

Bandy & Shinty
Twitter: @BandyandShinty

Lost That Loving Feeling
LTLF Forest Forum
Twitter: @LTLF

Mist rolling in from the Trent
Twitter: @mistrollingin

Official NFFC
Twitter: @Official_NFFC

Stress and Pie

This is Nottingham
Twitter: @NFFC_live

Vital Nottingham Forest
Twitter: @VitalForest

Other recommended football sites…

Experimental 361
Twitter: @experimental361

The Football Attic
Twitter: @FootballAttic

Twitter: @f365

The Blizzard
Twitter: @blzzrd

The Swiss Ramble
Twitter: @swissramble

The Two Unfortunates
Twitter: @twounfortunates

Zonal Marking
Twitter: @Zonal_Marking